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 stroke support group. is a  stroke community forum helping stroke survivor. and their family members. why not join our friendly group, we can offer friendly support. and advice. its free. we share our own experience and knowledge. of a stroke. we are want  medical students. who can give support and advice to our members. we also  want medical professions to give US support. we do not discriminate where you are from in the world or age. join us in our forum chat 24/7

stroke support' Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm not sure how this works, but my niece told me about this site. She told me i should join, and try to get some help. My sister is 54, and had a stroke on march 24th of this year. She only had a 5% chance of surviving it, and she did it !! She was coming alone fairly well, and then she had another stroke the 2nd week in august. She is getting therapy twice per week in her home. I love my sister with all of my heart, and i don't want to live if something happens to her !! She is not just my sister, she's my best friend, and a Mother figure to me. I'm NOT dealing well with this at all. I've gone through many years of depression, but this had made matters much worse ! My entire family has several medical conditions, including myself. I'm very depressed over many different issues. I hope i can get help by joining this group. Thanks, Karen  uk

stroke support'  i am new to this group, 

           am glad i found it .before i found it i felt lonely and depressed.

           this group as help me tons, please join us and post in our daily
         lounge. we are all friendly bunch of guys. read our stories my
           motto is never give up. if i can do it so can you. see you soon
David usa

stroke support group
       hello everyone
i am a stroke survivor my name is jack. i join this group so i could get some support.
i was looking for some information on strokes. and some advice. i must say what a great group it is first class. you will never find a better group then this one. the members are wonderful . they know where i am coming from. as we all are in the same boat,
stroke support'
stroke support'

stroke support;

stroke support'


stroke support;


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